One of the most beautiful caves of the region and witness an untouched creation of nature

Lipska cave is one of the oldest obtained caves in Montenegro, where you can experience the fascination beauty of karst formation and an unforgettable underground adventure. Its originality is proved not only by its nature beauty but also with its historical value. The searches of the cave began in the 19th century during the rural of Peter II Petrovic Negush. Later the cave was used by king Nikola for reception of foreign delegations.

Our journey begins from Budva from where we will drive towards Cetinje, the old royal capital of Montenegro. On our way we will make a photo stop in a place from where a beautiful view of Budva and St.Nikolas island is opened. Than we will reach Dobrsko village where the cave is located. From here we drive a fun touristic train straight to the entrance of the cave. We will cherish an unforgettable view of the Skadar lake and the majestic peaks of the Kuckih mountains.

At the entrance to the cave we are accompanied by professional, friendly guides who will attend us during our journey around the cave. The adventure begins in a long tunnel which leads us to the underground world. Here you will feel the cold wind coming from the cave and the changing in the air temperature – throughout the year the temperature in the cave is 10-12 degrees


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