Sit back and enjoy the tour as professional guide of our travel agency shows you all the very best of Montenegro.

For guests who would like to learn about Montenegro’s tradition, culture, history and spectacular landscapes this tour is a must! This is the colourful round tour through the urban and rural areas of Montenegro. Montenegro is a land abundant natural and cultural contrast. It is such an original mixture of eastern and western cultural influences. Our tour guide will introduce you medieval town Kotor, breathtaking Boka Bay from another perspective, raw mountains of Lovcen, sleepy Njegusi village and the Old town Budva.

The curvy road continues to the Njegusi village, so-called smaragdine valley hidden deep in the stony terrain of Lovcen, the cradle of bishops and rulers from the Petrovic Dynasty. We make a half-hour stop at the restaurant to taste the famous Njegusi cheese, smoked ham, mead and wine. A journey through “the sea of stone” leads to Cetinje the Old Royal capital of Montenegro, a place that has best preserved the spirit and tradition of the Montenegrin people.

Budva is the country's most popular tourist destination and boast some great beaches as well as a lovely, walled town centre. The old town centre is picturesquely located on a rather small peninsula, and its narrow, winding lanes hide a multitude of historic buildings, churches and small squares. Among the most interesting monuments here are the 7th century St. John's Church, the 8th century Santa Marija of Punta and the 12th century Church of St. Sava. The medieval town fortress is referred to as Citadela and right next to it is the colourful Church of the Holy Trinity, built in 1804. Budav's over 30 km long Riviera has been called 'The Riviera of Sandy Beaches' and is dotted with lovely hamlets and a wealth of historic monuments. A strip of hotels and restaurants separates it from the impressive mountain massifs of Lovcen. From Budva, it's an easy bus ride to the unique Sveti Stefan resort.


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