Memorable excursion in the Bay of Kotor.

Boka Bay, one of the world’s 25 most beautiful bays and protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, is undeniably most impressive when approached from the sea. Due to its unusual look, the bay is often called Europe`s southernmost fjord, but in fact it`s a submerged river canyon. The bay is composed of 4 smaller bays - Tivat, Herceg Novi, Risan and Kotor bay. The narrowest part of the bay, Verige strait, divides it into the inner and outer part. Boka Bay glows with amazing calmness and peace. Sailing on the ice-like calm surface of the Adriatic sea will lead you through the picturesque nature, rich history and marvelous architecture.

The steep clifs of Lovcen and Orjen mountain massifs upraise above the thin coastline watching over the beauty of the bay, protecting it of the cold northern winds. During the winter while the mountains are covered with snow, the yellow flower mimosa blossoms and attracts a lot of visitors with its sweet scents to the traditional Mimosa festival in the Bay of Herceg Novi. The whole bay is a big botanical garden, a habitat of plants and flowers from all over the world: mediterranean fruits, olives, chestnuts, agave, palms, oleander, even bananas.

The waves of the sea whisper the stories about great rulers, noble families, famous captains and sailors of the Boka bay. This bay was a great shelter of many rulers since ancient times, who contributed the establishing of settlements by building their palaces, summer residences, churches, harbours and shipyards. The Illyrian and Roman Empire established the first little town Rhizon (Risan) and decorated their palaces with various mosaics. The Venetian Republic held the inner part of the bay for four centuries and protected it of the Ottoman invasions. In the 19th century the Austrian- Hungarian empire converted the whole Boka bay into the military port, built a military shipyard and brought their big vessels into the bay. Even the Ex-Yugoslav army used this bay as the important military base. If you take a boat ride in the most beautiful Bay on the Mediterranean, our guide will show you the traces offers its stormy history.


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