Fun, Recreation - Exciting Adventure and Purest Nature in adventure park Lovcen.

This is something completely new in Montenegro. It is funny, extreme, exciting, challenging, for each generation. This is the first adventure park in this part of Europe, located in the National Park Lovcen.
Adventure park is located in the place Ivanova korita, in the area of National park Lovcen. The park was constructed in a dense beech forest. It occupies an area of ​​2 acres with 6 trails for sports and high adrenaline activities. Trails are designed for all ages and levels of physical fitness. Each trail has 12 to 15 connected platforms with boards providing instructions for use of equipment and information how to accomplish the trail. Each participant gets needful equipment (belt, helmet, gloves). "Walk through treetops" begins on a primary path. There is a professionally trained team that gives the short course about use of equipment and safe passing of obstacles on the trails to each participant. Each challenge lasts from 30 to 50 minutes. Six adventure trails, starting from yellow one on the height of 1.5 m to the black one on the height of 15 m, are awaiting you to test your courage and endurance.


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